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Brace demo
Gusset demo

The Bracing package is a MUST if you ever do any braces. It makes lightening fast work of complicated bracing connections checking gussets for shear, tearout, buckling and clearances. The gusset plate program is very flexible allowing you to develop a gusset from a given load, member size or number of bolts or use it to check an existing detail.

Below is a list of some of the features in the Bracing package.


Key Features

  1. Uses dialog boxes for easy input.

  2. Check clearances.

  3. Calculate number of bolts for shear and tear out or input number to use.

  4. You can set the plate size and number of bolts to override what is calculated.

  5. Develop for brace in compression or tension or both.

  6. Brace can be bolted, welded or welded with 1 erection bolt.

  7. Plate automatically checked for bending in compression.

  8. Save information. Orientation of gusset is saved in file. Opening existing gusset to edit will recall orientation.

  9. Edit existing gusset plate files.

  10. Get printout.

  11. Draw gusset plates to scale and actual bevel. Gusset plates can be drawn to scale different from drawing scale.

  12. Draw plates with inside and outside corners square or clipped.

  13. Six types to choose from. Multiple options on each type.

  14. Detail in imperial or metric

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Key Features

  1. Draw braces to actual bevel sloping in either direction or drawn in a horizontal or vertical position.

  2. Draw horizontal and vertical braces.

  3. Brace can be bolted, welded or welded with 1 erection bolt.

  4. Draw Angles - Single or double, simple or "X"

  5. Draw WT - Flange view, simple or "X"

  6. Draw Wide flange - Web view, simple only. Flange view, simple or "X"

  7. Draw Channel - Web view, single or double, simple or "X"

  8. Draw Pipe and Tube - Simple or "X"

  9. Draw Rod brace with turnbuckle. Ends can be plain or have a clevis, nut or hillside washer.

  10. Tail every hole or just the left hole at each end.

  11. Read information saved by GUSSET PLATE program or input information manually.

  12. Bracing and all sub pieces automatically shop billed for you.

  13. Detail in imperial or metric

  14. Save CNC data and extract files compatible with DSTV.

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