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The Stair and Rail packages consists of stair stringers, rails for metal and concrete stairs, ramp rails, wall rails and level handrail. Stair stringers and sloping handrail can be drawn sloping in either direction. All handrail is drawn using double lines, piece marked and shop billed. The handrail can be multi-line rail using pipe, tube, angle or wire. Pickets are an option with pipe or tube rails. Dialog boxes are used for entering information allowing you to view and edit all input before continuing. Many different types of treads can be used such as pan, grating and bent plate, with many different configurations of pan treads that can be customized to your dimensions.

  Sample Stair Rail
  Sample Level Rail
  Sample Stair Stringer
  Sample Stair Input

  Stair Stringer demo 
  Stair Rail demo
  Level Rail demo

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